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We can ship to virtually any address in the United States.
Quoted prices include cultural information and packaging.

Delivery Time

It normally takes 7 to 10 days from the time you place your order until you receive your merchandise. During the winter months, there may be shipping delays due to cold weather conditions. We use the United States Postal Service Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. The deadline for Christmas orders is December 10th.

Special Note About Order Deliveries

Once our online website orders are processed, our shopping cart program automatically sends an e-mail (to the person placing the order) stating that the order has been shipped. This message is in error and we are unable to correct it. Periodically, the items are not shipped immediately upon processing due to varying circumstances. In some cases. this e-mail from the shopping cart program has led customers to think their shipments will arrive sooner that they actually are due.

Please expect a 7 to 10 day arrival date from the time you place your order for all Dan’s Green House orders.

Calculating Cost

Shipping and handling costs are included in the price listed on each page next to the merchandise. If you would like to have your item shipped immediately, there is an additional $25 fee for Express Mail.

Shipping Animals/Birds

All animals will be shipped to accommodate the customer as best we can, always prioritizing the health and safety of the animal.

The shipping fees are calculated on the destination of the animal according to current airline costs plus a Dan’s Green House handling fee.

Weather/Temperature guidelines for shipping:
Receiving airports must not exceed 95°F or fall below 20°F.
If such conditions exist, shipping will be delayed.


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